Yarn Trim for Curtains

pom pom curtain trim diy tutorial make your own yarn trim

I have officially gone crazy. I got tired of my dead end job as a cleaner and decided to quit next month! I think that there is something else for me out there and I am going to do everything I can to get there. There will be a money issue thought, but I think it could be worth it. But hey, good news for my readers – This means I will have to DIY just about everything in my life! Wohoo!

A few weeks ago, while browsing through the list of blogs I read, I stumbled upon Love Meagan’s tassel trimmed curtains. They look awesome and I immediately decided I wanted to do something similar to my curtains. Was I going to go out and buy the trim? I think we all know the answer to that by now -That damn trim was going to be DIYed out of trash, tears and desperation.

I decided to use my old worn out skinny black jeans, they served me well for over 5 years and made my butt look like heaven, so they deserved to be given a second life. I also used some black yarn I had laying around.

I cut strips from the jeans to be used a a base for my trim. I used zig zag stitch to prevent fraying around the edges.

cut out strips from jeans denim fabric

Then I started to make the yarn trim. I fastened it with my sewing machine and made loops as I went on with the machine. This took some time, but it was fairly easy to do.

curtain trim diy yarn loops1

curtain trim tutorial do it yourself make your own yarn loops

For some added sass I also decided to add pom poms to my trim. I they are the same type of pom poms that I made for this top and my pom pom detachable collar.

pom pom trim diy

pom pom trim curtain diy

I hand stiched the trim onto my curtains. I like the black with that pink color! The tie backs are from some butt ugly tassel necklaces that I bought on sale.

pom pom trim curtains tassel tie backs shocking ink black

black curtain pom pom trim on pink yarn diy

Btw, this is my orange seed plant! I’m going to re-pot this in the spring and put it out on the balcony during the summer. It smells like oranges!

orange seed plant plant from store bought oranges

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