Wrapped Yarn Christmas Tree DIY

yarn tree diy 1

I’ve seen this DIY on other blogs and sites and decided to give it a go.
Other tutorials have used styrofoam cones to get the tree shape, but those cones are damn expensive where I live and I really didn’t want this DIY to cost anything. Maybe you already guessed it, but all scraps are my thing…

I used an assortment of green scrap yarn, a magazine, tape and a plastic bag to make my cone, needles to wrap the yarn around, glue, a plastic container to mix the water and glue solution and some plastic hearts to decorate my tree with.

yarn tree diy

I made the cone using the magazine.

yarn tree diy 2

yarn tree diy 3

When I finally had a cone shape I was happy with, I filled up the cone with the paper that was left of the magazine. Not sure if the cone would’ve hold up otherwise. I covered the entire thing with plastic from a plastic bag and made sure everything was secured.

yarn tree diy 4

I put the needles evenly around the cone.

yarn tree diy 5

I cut strings from the yarn and soaked them in the water and glue mix. I used left-over glue for this, every type of craft glue should work.

yarn tree diy 6

I wrapped the wet strings around the tree. This took a while and got quite messy, but it was also a lot of fun!

yarn tree diy 7

I ran out of yarn right when I was beginning to feel that my tree was done. I went over it a couple of times with the glue mix and a paint brush just to make sure it would harden evenly and hold up once I removed the cone.

After I let it dry overnight I removed the cone. I decided to cut off some of the yarn from the bottom to adjust the tree (It had  a Leaning Tower of Pisa feel to it, lol) and to make it look nice. I added the heart decorations with my glue gun and my tree was finished! Yay!

yarn tree diy 8


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