Wired Lampshade

50's terracotta floor lamp deer

Some months ago I bought this 1950’s terracotta floor lamp.

swedish nila keramik deer lamp stand terracotta

The back is even nicer than the front…

1950's floor lamp stand

It came without a lamp shade -it’s supposed to have one of these. Until I find one like it, I decided to make my own using iron thread, a lampshade and a lace curtain.

I decided to trash this old lampshade to get a base to build my wired frame on.


lampshade 2

lamp shade piece

steel wire

It was not easy to get the wire straight. A lot of tweaking was needed for the lamp shade to not look completely weird and wonky. It’s still uneven but it’s barely noticeable.

wire frame


The fabric cover is just two tubes that are pulled together at the ends. For a more detailed tutorial on how to do them check out this lamp shade cover I made back in 2012.

diy lampshade lace curtain steel wire

And look what I found earlier this week: A 20’s/30’s Art Deco armchair for almost nothing! Even though it was clean I decided to strip it down completely. I can’t really handle pre-owned things that can’t be cleaned properly… I also want this chair in two colors, probably something like orange and pink. Wouldn’t that look cool against the dark stained wood?

thirties armchair

tied spring seating

I am not sure about the tied spring seating though. Most of the strings they were tied with had popped. I’m afraid if I tie them they will pop right after I finish the seat and I’ll have to re-do the whole thing. I also think they look to big for the seat? Maybe I should let a professional do it? I need to go think about this now.

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