Wired Glass Bead Lantern

wired glass bead lantern diy

You guys, this lantern was SO much fun to make! Easy too! I’d say the hardest part was to make holes in the bottom metal plate, but that’s just because my hole puncher sucks. And now it’s ruined because you’re probably not supposed to use it on metal, so be warned. Probably better to drill holes, but who has time for that. Not me.

Anyway, I had all these vintage glass beads that were way too heavy to make into a necklace so I decided to make a lantern of them instead.

Besides the glass beads I also used a aluminium sheet and steel wire. I made sure to use wire that was easy to work with but at the same time could hold up the heavy glass beads. There was be some sharp wire ends to deal with, so a plier was good to have as well.


I decided to make the lantern big enough to hold these glass cups that I later DIY:ed into candles. I cut out a round metal shape with a scissor.

cut out bottom

Punched holes around the edge.

holes around edge

Secured my first wire in two holes.

first wire

Added glass beads to the wire.

first beads

And started weaving.

more weaving

After the first “layer” was done I didn’t have the bottom plate’s holes to give me directions on where I should add more beads. So, from the second layer I just freestyled everything.

first layer

I really like projects where you can do stuff randomly.

still weaving

No need to follow any directions here.

finishing it

I really like how it turned out!

close up of finished lantern


lantern at night

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