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watch wristband diy

The wristband on my watch broke. I went downtown only to find out that replacing it would be quite expensive. I thought “NOPE!” and went home again figuring I could probably make a better wristband myself.  I was right! (This also proves that everything is possible to DIY if you’re poor enough!!! Eheh…)

I used some old brown suede that once was a jacket. I used the same textile paint I used when I coloured a pair of shoes a few months ago. I dabbed on the paint with a kitchen sponge and set it by applying heat with a hair dryer. The suede really soaked up the paint, so this colouring technique worked very well!
coloring suede

Here are some close ups of the wrist band and how it is constructed.
wristband watch

watchband buckle

My grandfather was a shoe maker, so I have a lot of stuff from him laying around the house, including lots of small belt buckles. Never thought I would use them – until now!
buckle back I like how slim this made my watch, it looks very delicate and stylish with the black/gold combo.

There are several good watch band tutorials out there. Here are two that particularly caught my eye:

This is a Wrap around leather watch strap from Design Diary:
diary design wrap around watch wrist band Versatile and sooo easy to make!

The other tutorial is on and shows how to weave a watch band using a nylon cord:
paracord wrist band instructables link The result looks very nice and I am planning to try this. I have a similar type of watch like the one used in the tutorial. I think it would look cool pairing this watch with jeans, t-shirt and a black blazer.

In other news, I am currently trying to learn how to Viking knit…
viking knit I am quite excited about it!


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