Vintage Cross-stitch Pillows

vintage cross stitch pillows diy

I made two vintage cross-stitch needlework embroideries into pillows, and I love them. I really like cross-stitch works like these two, they’re so campy, kitschy and colorful. Can’t decide which one I like the most… I think I want to live in the one with the cabin. I want a little house by the lake like that!

half cross stitch embroidery in wool

Because of said kitsch, It was quite hard to choose the right fabrics to go with them, I didn’t want anything that would be over the top. I used the color swatches on the embroideries to see what colors I could go with.


Hunting down the right shades was quite a challenge! I finally decided on a moss green Manchester (corduroy) and some icy blue upholstery fabric.


I made a very simple patchwork design framing the embroidery.

emrboidery patchwork pillow case

I almost bought too little fabric, so I had to do some patchwork on the back too, haha. But it looks like it’s supposed to look like that, right?

pillow zipper on back

The pillow cases have zipper closures.


counted-thread embroidery pillow cases

half cross stitch embroidery pillow

Another way to go about using counted-thread needle works in pillows is to make a sort of patchwork pattern consisting of only embroideries. I found these at Swedish


Even though the site is in Swedish, be sure to browse around and check out their other works, especially the furniture. SO cool.

Swedish blogger Kreativa Björnskog also makes stuff using vintage embroidery. This ottoman is all sorts of amazing!

kreativa bjornskog

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