Vintage Craft Inspiration – Knitted Patchwork Sweater

knitted patchwork sweater 1070's diy crafts fashion ideas

So this is a DIY where you need to call a bunch of friends and tell them to come over with their old sweaters so you can cut them up and share patches to make new sweaters for all of you.

I don’t know. Although I kind of like the idea, I also find the whole thing confusing. There are many questions popping up in my head when I see this.

How do you even cut into something that is knitted and make that work for you?
Will it not unravel before you have managed to cut out a perfect square?
What where the odds that you even had enough friends, all with similar knitted sweaters AND willing to cut up their clothing just to share it with you?

Project idea taken from, and photo scanned from, mid 1970′s Swedish craft and Idea magazine Massor av idéer, ICA-förlaget AB, Västerås

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