Vintage Craft Inspiration – 1950’s Doll Clothes

1950's dolls doll clothes pattern book vintage retro toys

Some really CREEPY dolls showing off doll clothes in this 1950’s knitting pattern book!

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nurse doll ski suit skiing dolls retro vintage 1950's fifties toys clothes kitting pattern magazine

The same pattern book also features some cute knitted animals. I want to make the scottie dog, If I succeed (highly unlikely as my knitting skills suck) I will put up a tutorial on the blog. The instructions in the book are in Swedish, so I will have to translate those, hah.

handmade knitted animals retro vintage patterns 1950's toys scottie dog scottish terrier cat teddy bear crafts

Bonus: 1960’s doll clothes!

1960s retro toys fifties clothes dolls doll

All images except the last two of the 1960’s dolls (they are cut outs from an unknown magazine) are scanned and edited by me from mid 1950’s Swedish pattern booklet En titt i jakobsdals dockskåp, AB Jakobsdals Kamgarns Spinneri, Göteborg.


Vintage Craft Inspiration – 1950’s Doll Clothes — 42 Comments

  1. Madeleine
    I love the vintage craft inspiration-1950’s doll clothes.
    I will like to have the page please and i thank you in advance.

    Have a beautiful day


  2. Hi I´m very interested in all the patterns in the book, especially the dollclothes. Had the book my self but i lost it, and would like to have them again.

  3. I would love to knit these dolls clothes. How do I

    I would love to knit these dolls clothes – They are beautiful. How do I go about getting copies of these patterns? I have quite a collection of dolls and love knitting for babies & dolls.

    • Hi there, I used to offer to send copies of these out to people, but then I noticed that my scanned patterns had some parts missing. If I get some time to scan them again, I will send you the pages :)

  4. Hello Madeleine, You kindly sent me the knitted dolls patterns awhile back but unfortunately I can’t read them! You mentioned you might be translating them into English at some stage. Have you, and if so, would you be able to resend to me? Thanks very much.

  5. Hi,I have just found your website,and was surprised and pleased to see the 1950’s doll in your pattern,(the one without the hair) is like the one I own,I had it bought by my parents for Christmas 1956,I still have it.It’s a pity the pattern book isn’t in English,as a keen knitter of dolls clothes,I would have loved it!!!

  6. I was so excited when I fund this. I had several of these as a child and they were somehow lost in a move. I am now 68 and would LOVE to make them for my granddaughter. I had the suit with the pleated skirt, the sleeveless dress with the bow at the waist (pink cotton yarn) and the sailor’s suit with the beret. I live in the US now, in Seattle.

  7. You said you were going to get back to me. I still haven’t heard from you. I am anxious to get started. I read swedish instructions so they do not need to be translated. Thanks.

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  9. hallo Madeleine I would love to have a copy of these beautiful patterns plaise ?,
    Thank you verry mutch

    martine (vom Belgium )

  10. I love to have the 1950s patterns above please I will even pay for them to send them or email


  11. Bonjour je viens de découvrir votre site,beaux modèles,serait-il possible d’avoir les explications même contre payement

  12. bonjour
    je viens de me promener sur votre site et j’aimerai beaucoup avoir les explications des modèles de tricot qui sont magnifiques
    je vous remercie beaucoup

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