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fabric box diy up close

I keep my underwear in boxes inside of a floor cabinet. Not an ideal place, and certainly not ideal to keep these things in boxes – I have to take out the entire box and put it on the floor every time I need a pair of socks! Having drawers would be much more practical.

storage inside cabinet

So, time to get my butt out to IKEA and buy something new that would work better? LOL! NOOOOOOOPE.

The boxes are made of paper/cardboard and two days after I bought them they broke so I have been trying to fix them for the past 4 years with tape. So, on top of being impractical, they have also become very unattractive.

ugly box

more ugly boxes

The solution? Some old curtains from IKEA and a glue gun!

I unfolded the box and removed the lid. I figured it would be easier to renovate it while it was unfolded.

unfolded box from ikea

I cut up the lid and glued the cut out parts to the box to fix the broken areas. This made it much sturdier and hopefully it will make it hold.

glued on parts to make box stronger

Then I glued on the curtain fabric. Eew, how could I ever buy these curtains? In my defence they are from 2002. It felt very good to cut them up and at the same time make them into something useful!

covering paper box with fabric diy

To make it more drawer-like I also added a drawer puller…string thing…???… what the hell, what do you call it?, my English is failing today! I think you know what I mean though…

string puller on drawer

The boxes are of the type that holds up with 4 screws, I had to dig out some longer screws (the originals were too short with all that added fabric) when I was done but damn, the boxes got really sturdy!

drawers done

One done only 2 more to go! I will have to save them for later as I am back, temporarily, at my cleaning job. Apparently you need money to survive! I HAD NO IDEA.

drawer box fabric

In other news we are still waiting for spring up here in Sweden. The weather is pretty nice and sunny, but it is sooo cold! I want to DIY spring outfits now and I want to photograph them in action outside! But Sweden says no! I feel offended by my country and my inspiration level is on a zero.


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  1. Ah, March will be over…sometime. I feel the same way about this time of year. February and March are my least favorite months! Great re-do on the boxes- they look great, as fabric-covered drawers!

    • I agree, you get this sense of false hope in February and March that warmer weather is on the way and then another blizzard shows up and ruins everything… :/

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