Using Existing Clothes as Patterns

Like I mentioned in my last post, I am to dumb to make my own patterns. Despite this, I occasionally want to make something from scratch. Projects of this kind usually end for me in a myriad of tears and curse words. However, recent fashion trends have given me some light at the end of this frustrating designer tunnel. Fuck you advanced figure hugging blouses and let’s make room for the easy loose fitting cropped tops! YEAH!

Study these tops and you’ll see that they usually just consist of 3 very basic shapes, one for the body and two for the sleeves. And best of all; it’s really just two fabric parts sewn together; no complicated sleeves to attach and mess up! (oh god, I hate sleeves so much!!!)

basic shape pattern crop top

These basic shapes of course makes drawing up patterns from existing clothes very easy. And this is what I decided to do a few days ago. I used the top above as a pattern.

I wanted to use some black chiffon fabric I got at a sale a while ago and a fringe trim I bought from Etsy seller Mary, not Martha.

I outlined the shape of the blouse and left about 1 inch of margin from the edge, I wanted my chiffon blouse to be a little wider than the top I used as reference.

pattern outline

This is what the chiffon fabric looks cut out. I didn’t make any specific back and front parts as I wanted the neckline in the back to drop as far as the front. I pinned the two parts and sewed them together.

cut out top

The top I am making is almost finished, I will show you a picture how it looks on soon. I will not post any specific tutorial on how to make it, I just wanted to give you a tip for an easy fashion project. When the pieces are cut out, there are a lot of ways to customise this simple top design. It also gets a really nice draping when created in chiffon fabric.

Here are some shots on the seams of my top. I like to sew a lot by hand when I make clothes. Especially details on chiffon.

sewed by hand

attaching fringe

On another note; I wish I had the time to update more often. I am currently studying web design and the courses are taking forever to complete. It’s not that many credits, but it still feels like they expect you to be able to re-create Facebook from scratch when you’re finished!


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