Turban Hat DIY – Printable Pattern

PLEASE NOTE: This pattern only seems to work for some people, I am not sure why. Could be that it prints differently. I will keep the tutorial up, BUT, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! You have been warned ;)

turban hat diy

Another slightly delayed tutorial! This time I was distracted by the new season of Finding Bigfoot. It’s totally awkward how much I love that show.

I originally wanted to make this turban hat in wool, but wool didn’t work that well for the design I made and I ended up using black fleece (sorry, fleece again!) instead. I think fleece is better for this – it will at least be easier to wash.

The pattern parts can be downloaded here:




Pattern pieces should be printed and fitted onto A4 paper.

You will need two of each and they should be laid out like this, creating a center piece measuring about 22.5 x 32 cm (8.9 x 12.6 inches).

pattern overview

Note that you should cut the fabric in ONE piece, not the pieces individually.

Once you’ve cut out the fabric, stitch areas marked in red.

pattern step 1

Pull thread to ruch.

pattern step 2

Areas marked in green will now be sewed together.

pattern step 3

Try on the hat and make sure it fits before sewing.

pattern step 4

Also, make sure you can fold up the back like I did in the photo below

tuban back

Once you are finished putting together the side pieces, take the front piece and pull it under and over the area where the side parts come together. This step can be a little tricky, you will probably need to wear the hat when you stitch this.

pattern step 5

Your turban hat will look something like this once it’s finished. You may have to adjust the folds when you put it on to make them look nice.

turban hat diy instrcutions free pattern

Following are some more detailed photos that will help you understand the design better.

tuban hat diy tutorial fashion blog

tuban hat diy how to

make your own turban hat fall fashion 2012

tuban hat tutorial make you own hatt

tuban hat diy close up

Here are some other Turban Hat tutorials that I like:

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  1. J’ai laissé les plis ouverts sur le dessus pour faire un effet “gros noeud”! j’ai dû recommencer deux fois et rallonger les côtés pour la deuxième tentative, parce-que sinon ça n’entourait pas ma tête! Bisette et merci pour le tuto.

  2. Size Problems may be Because they are printing with something other than A4 paper : United States paper is other size.8 1/2 inch by 11 inch I cannot remember A4 sz . Just know it will be bigger.

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  4. Don’t kid yourself. The pattern doesn’t even print with the exception of a few black lines of 14 pages of wasted paper. Got the pattern concept from the online pattern picture. Sewers, use your ingenuity, it’s really quite easy to take your own measurements, factor in adjustment, draw out to your spefications and vualla it came out great.

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