Transparent Plastic Embellished Statement Necklace

Clear Vinyl Plastic Statement Necklace DIY

Do you remember the hot pink vinyl fabric bracelets I made from an old curling iron case? I finally figured out what to do with the clear vinyl plastic from the same case.

I decided to make a chunky statement necklace by using some heart shaped plastic sew-on rhinestones that I got on Ebay a while ago.

I began making the statement necklace by tracing out my design on paper. To get the necklace to sit right around the neck I took a collar from a blouse and used as a reference around the top half of the necklace (I used the same collar to make the pom pom collar necklace a while ago).

tracing out the design on paper

After that I cut out the design from the vinyl fabric and sewed on the plastic jewel stones.

plastic jewels sew on front

This is how the necklace looks on the backside.

necklace backside

To secure the stones a little bit more I also put some glue on the thread on the back.

glue varnish seal

For closure I decided to go with a simple push button. I used some glue here as well. Not sure if I am going to put another jewel over the button to cover it up…

push button closure

I like it!

vinyl necklace with jewels


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