Thrifting in the Country – And I have a Brand New Obsession

vintage glazed terra cotta planting pots

And it’s an obsession that is pretty far fetched – Vintage Glazed Terra Cotta Planters! Seriously, I’m pretty fixated on them right now. I have always preferred simple unglazed terra cotta pots to have my flowers in, but now I want colors.

pastel colored plant pots

I already had a few at home, I put my terrarium plant in one, but needed more. I don’t think anyone else has this obsession so I found some really good ones for almost nothing in a thrift shop out on the countryside.

thrift shop

thrifting in the country

thrift shop 2

thrift shopping for planting pots

I’m putting the plants directly into these pots so it’s important that they have proper drainage – a hole in the bottom. The glazed pots will also hold water better, so I will have to be careful with the watering.

planter pot drainage

The problem with thrifted pots is to find matching saucers for them. I choose to buy some plates at the same thrift shop and use them as pot saucers. One of them is from the Grand Hotel in Oslo, hah!

plate as saucer for pots

vintage plate

vintage plates as pot saucers

I also found this ceramic pot, I think I’m going to buy a cactus for it.

vintage green and white creamic pot

And as a bonus, I also got the chance to visit a really pretty manor house not far from the thrift shop. It’s from the 18th century and has a very pretty garden.

Swedish 1700's manor house

swedish manor house

Complete with a pagoda that is a wonderful example of the 18th century chinoiserie style.

18th century pagoda in sweden

chinoiserie pagoda detail

The garden was in full bloom but very dry, we haven’t had much rain this summer.

garden bridge

manor house garden

purple flowers

red flowers

gronsoo slott tradgard garden castle

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