Thrifting and Style

As you can probably tell from the photos of my apartment that I’ve posted on the blog, there’s a lot of white in here. The bedroom/livingroom has white walls and a few white pieces of furniture. I’m not at all a white decor kind of person. I’m actually quite the opposite. I find white walls and furniture to be almost oppressive. There are a lot of white homes in Sweden, white walls, all white furniture and painted white hardwood floors (my worst nightmare) is not uncommon. The shabby chic movement had quite the hold of the country a few years back and I’m guessing a lot of gorgeous antiques got painted white (and then sanded down to get that vintage look…. *shudder*). Needless to say, I never got the allure of that trend.

The only reason I’m trying to keep things somewhat light is because my apartment is so damn small. Darker things are slowly creeping into the decor though. If I had more rooms I would probably wander dangerously close to Addams family territory in style and If I had an actual bedroom that shit would look like a bordello boudoir in no time.

I love antiques and vintage stuff. The art deco chair that I re-upholstered earlier this year is my favorite thing ever. It’s just perfect. Lately the thrift stores in my town have had some really good stuff. I obviously can’t buy any more furniture – though I am looking for a new chest of drawers, my current Ikea one is falling apart. When I think about it, I also kind of want a new bookcase. I actually found a really nice one last year at a thrift store, but it wouldn’t fit in the car, so I couldn’t buy it. I almost bought it anyway, It probably only would have taken me 10 hours to carry it home, no big deal.
Anyway, here are some of my latest finds.

This 3-storey cookie jar. These are called “Triett” and were made in Sävjsö, Sweden in the 1950’s. I’ve been wanting one of these for sooo long. My grandmother had one in her kitchen when I was a kid!

triett cookie jar

I saw this frame the moment I walked into the store and got complete tunnel vison. It’s fabulous. I mean, look at it, SO KITSCH! I will probably have to change the picture though. Angels? Meh…

gold frame

Glass coasters are something I’ve been looking for forever. Got these for almost nothing. I almost want to get a sofa table just so I can use these on it.

glass coasters

Cool lantern.

black lantern

And, some cute planters for my kitchen window.

vintage planters

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