Thread Bangles DIY

DIY Thread Bangles

The craft that I am about to show you is not for the weak and impatient DIY-ers out there. I’m all for throwing something together in 10 minutes, but sometimes I feel obligated to dedicate an entire afternoon making thread bangles.

Threads and Platic Bangle

What you’ll need:

  • Bangles. I’d say wood bangles would be best as it can be tricky to make the thread stick with glue on the plastic ones that I used.
  • Some type of craft glue. I used a regular paper glue-stick and it actually worked very well!
  • Thread. I used old embroidery thread from my grandmother. They were so old and brittle you couldn’t use them for sewing anymore…
  • Varnish. A coat of varnish on the inside of the bangle after you’re done wrapping the thread will prevent it to fall apart and also to protect it from moisture if you have sweaty wrists…Hah.

Put on some glue on both sides of the bangle and start wrapping! Make sure the threads are in an even row. This is where you could easily break down mentally.

Thread bangle instructions 1

Each row is not thicker than the thread you’re using, so it will take some time to get it wrapped around the entire bangle.

thread bangle instructions 2

The result however, is pretty fantastic. You just need a lot of patience. I made one blue/green and then another one in orange/yellow/red hues.


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