The Spring Cleaning Continues and I Shortened my Coat!

The spring cleaning continued this week. How come you always find so many weird stuff when you de-clutter?

Like these blinking doll eyes. WHYYY?!

blinking dolls eye's eye doll vintage craft retro doll making supplies

And toy cars that I have no memory of. I like how decorative they are, very nice stuff!

vintage toy cars corgi made in great britain england aston martin db 5 james bond mercedes ciii citroen cx guisval spain juniors vw polo

The only crafty thing I did this week was shortening my coat.

before jacket was cut off

I have to say It looks SO MUCH better short!

cut off jacket diy shortened re make re do

lining in jacket no lining to cut

Now I am just hoping that the weather will get warmer so that I can start posting some full outfit photos. I still haven’t bought any new clothes this spring and I am very excited to show some outfits that are all re-makes, diy’s and some items that are my very own design!


The Spring Cleaning Continues and I Shortened my Coat! — 2 Comments

    • Not sure, they were probably taken out from old dolls at some point…

      I just did a search for “blinking doll eyes” on etsy and found quite a lot of them for sale!

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