The Red Chair Is Now Yellow

yellow chair with vintage fabric cushion

This is how that red chair I was talking about in my last post used to look like. It was painted red (actually, not really painted, it was stained red).

red vintage wooden chair

It’s from the early 70’s and I guess the red color is pretty if it hadn’t been for this:

red color coming off of chair

Yeah, that’s after wiping off the seat with just a slightly damp cloth. As you can imagine this chair would’ve been extra fun to sit on while wearing white pants. Something had to be done.

I decided to paint it yellow (the color’s name is mango). I sanded and cleaned the surface and painted maybe 7 layers. I always paint super thin layers to get the smoothest surface possible.

When the chair was finished I decided that it needed a cushion. Fun fact: This fabric is a left-over from a dress my mom wore around the same time the chair was bought!

vintage fabric cushion 1

vintage fabric cushion 2

I decided to put a button in the center of the cushion to make it more interesting.

vintage fabric cushion 3

vintage fabric cushion 4

vintage fabric cushion 5

And there it is. I’m very happy with the result!

vintage fabric cushion 6

vintage fabric cushion 7

vintage fabric cushion 8


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