The Pyjama Pattern Blouse – DIY

diy blouse top

So, I cut up an old pyjama jacket and used it as a pattern to make a blouse. With some little tweaks it turned into a really pretty and simple top. I find pyjama jackets to have very easy loose patterns that are simple to copy and use. I’ve done this before with a different jacket and it turned out just as great!

Oh, and I finally have something to wear with my faux leather leggins that I bought in 2006 (!!!).

pyjama pattern

bust seam

uneven hem

It has an exposed zipper, I failed when I tried to sew it on normally, so I didn’t really have a choice but to make it exposed.

exposed zipper

And it’s not at all hard to take good photographs right now. The daylight is totally enough to get those crisp clear shots. NOT. :C

I think next week’s project will be a hat with a printable pattern!

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