The Hallway Closet and Apartment Updates

Well, hello there. It’s been a while. I’m quite busy at the moment. I’m studying again and trying to get by on a minimal income, it’s a challenge, but also kind of interesting.

Anyway, thought I could pop in and show you my entry. I never posted anything on my finished closet!

Basically, I turned half of the room into a closet with track shelving running all the way up to the ceiling. One wall is shelves and then the other has two hanging racks. I’ve never had this much closet space!

track shelving for closet 1

Additional storage under the shelves where I also keep my laundry basket.

storage laundry basket

The closet has curtain doors that I will have to replace. The fabric is from IKEA, and I’m sorry, but IKEA’s fabric is shit. First of all the thread count is like 2 and it feels really rough. Second, it shrinks when you wash it. A LOT. It also loses its color easily. The only good thing is that it is fairly cheap (but when you you think about it, actually too expensive for the quality). The curtains I made for my closet used to be down to the floor.


The rest of the apartment is coming along nicely. I even put up some shelves on the walls last week.

ap m1

The art deco chair I bought is almost done. The white cotton fabric I’m currently trying to fit around the seat will be a protective layer under the outer fabric.

ap m2

I bought another Billy bookcase. I would rather have one big sturdy bookcase, though. The Billy’s are a bit too flimsy to hold my heavy art/history/design books. This is about as much I can put in my bookcases without them collapsing :/

ap m3

During my two months away from the blog I’ve actually made a lot of new stuff for my closet. This is a blouse I’m working on. I based it off of the dress Kirsten Dunst wears in Bachelorette. The fabric is from an old dress.

ap m4

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