The Easy Way To Fasten Loop Buttons

tutorial on how to attach loop buttons

This technique works best with thick non-fraying fabrics.

I used some vintage gold loop buttons, a sharp scissor and a sturdy leather cord, more specifically, boat shoe lace. You can buy leather cords at


Check if the leather cord goes though the button loop.

check if buttons works

Measure up where you want the buttons to go.

mark out where you want the buttons to go

Use a sharp scissor to cut up the button holes.

cut out button holes with sharp scissor

Check if the buttons go through the holes.

check if buttons go through the holes

I hand stitched the buttonholes using this tutorial from CraftStylish

link to hand sewn buton holes tutorial

make sure button holes match up

Punch holes for the buttons using something sharp. Make sure you do not stab your hand while doing this (I did :C).

stab holes in fabric with scissor

Pull through the leather lace in the first hole at the top or bottom of the row. I marked out where the holes were with bobby pins, hah…

pull through cord

String on first button.

how to fasten loop buttons that hold

And pull down the cord through the hole again…

button fastening guide

no sewing buttons loop vintage gold sphere  buttons round

Continue until all buttons are attached.

attaching row of buttons easily easy tutorial no sew

how to attach buttons with leather cords

Make sure the leather cord is not pulled too tight. I tried buttoning the jacket too see if it was going to work before I cut off the excess cord.

I fastened the ends by stitching the cord a couple of times and hid them underneath the hem at the bottom and the collar at the top.

fasten cord ends

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