The Curtain Dress – Part 2

curtain dress bodice diy

The bodice is done, the only thing left to do now is the skirt and to attach a zipper in the back.

bodice front 1

bodice back 2

I will, however, have to redo the seam in the middle on the overlapping bust piece. You can see the stitches there and that is so irritating.

bodice front

I added boning to the sides and I will probably use my machine there instead of hand stitching while the boning was still in there. Not sure why I did that. At least I know now where I should sew.

bodice front 3

I also added interfacing to the back of the bodice. I have no idea if this is how things are supposed to be done (probably not) and my amateurism is showing. Sorry guys. The good thing is that it works and it’s not going to be visible when the dress is finished.

bodice back 1

I’m not sure how to do the skirt yet. I will have to think about that for a while.

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