The Curtain Dress – Part 1

dress from a curtain

Ok, so sewing with a dressform is pretty awesome! It’s more like sculpting, and I like that. Plus, not having to wear your project while trying to pin it is quite liberating.

Pinning the fabric to the dressfrom before you cut anything too see how it will look is fun. This is what I’m going for.


I completed the bust today. I used the padding from a bra to get some extra thickness in the front. I think I will also add some boning on the sides to ensure that this dress stays in place. Involuntary flashing in public is never fun. I will however cover it up some more with the fabric from the lace curtain (as seen in the top photo) and make a dress to wear on top of this one. I’m not brave enough to wear anything strapless, hah! But, It could happen that I make some detachable halter neck straps so that I can wear it with straps if I want to. We’ll see what happens!

I made a pattern for the bust and it went surprisingly well!

bust pattern

I don’t think I have to go into any particular details, the following photos are pretty much self explanatory.

bust 1

pinned bust

bust 3

bust 2

bust 4

bust 5

bust done

Everything in this dress will be re-used materials. I had to buy new thread and I may have to buy a zipper, but that’s it.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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