The Chair is DONE

upholstered chair 1

The chair I bought in October is finally done. It turned out pretty good and it’s actually comfortable to sit in.

This is how it looked when I brought it home. The fabric that was on it was OK, not dirty or anything, but the springs in the seat had loosened and I’m too much of a germaphobe to have anything pre-used in my home that I can’t clean rigorously, the fabric and the filling had to go.


This chair had obviously been re-done by a professional, my unqualified guess is sometime in the 60’s or 70’s based on the look of the fabric.

I knew by the time I was stripping it that I would not be able to recreate anything like it. First off, where exactly do you find the material? And second, I really didn’t want the hassle of using said material. It gets everywhere.


So, I decided to go with things like IKEA fabric, cushion stuffing and a fleece blanket to make my chair… If it breaks down, I will take it to a professional, I promise.

spring seat before

After reading a couple of tutorials online on how to correctly tie spring seating and getting about 11% of what was said, this is how I made mine. I think that rope is supposed to be used on boats. This shit is not coming loose anytime soon.

spring seat after

After that I covered the spring seat with several layers of burlap and thick fabric, and thick fabric filled with stuffing.

seating 1

For the three final layers I used fleece (OMG, the professionalism) a white cotton fabric and then the outer layer, a green upholster fabric in a neat art nouveau-ish pattern.

seating 2

seating 3


upholstered chair

What I liked most about this upholster project is that the entire backside is sewn on. It took some time, but It turned out great!




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