The Apartment

A year ago, when I managed to keep this blog somewhat frequently updated, my apartment was very different from what it is now. The percentage of IKEA has shrunk dramatically and my original plan to stick with smaller sized furniture went right out the window as soon as I inherited some (more) antique furniture. I had to banish my DIY storage ottoman to the basement and my drawer had to move to the entry to make room for an art nouveau oak cabinet. I call it the cabinet OF DREAMS because I love it so much.

antique art nouveau oak cabinet

It’s the perfect type of art nouveau (or jugend in this case). The curved organic lines and ornaments are at a bare minimum with a carved apple and leaf design on the doors. The brass handles almost wanders into art deco territory with their geometric shape. It’s over 100 years old and to me it still looks modern with its clean lines and simple design. In my imaginary life where I live in a early 20th century house with big ass windows this cabinet sits in the dining room looking awesome with some blue and white pottery on top of it.

art nouveau apple brass handle detail

And this antique chest/trunk is pretty cool. It’s from the early 1800’s and the table cloth on top of it is probably 100 years younger or so.

antique brown orange black wool thread embroidered table cloth

I really love the embroidery, especially the black flower stems. Would love to copy them on a sewing project.

antique embroidered table cloth

The entry is no longer pink, I decided to paint it white, lay down some floor and hang some grey drapes in front of my storage. I made this change a while back when I found the perfect bigger apartment, lost the bidding war that ensued and realized I needed to make my own place more sellable. The prices are kinda crazy though so I will probably just stay forever in my little studio.

Even tough I’ve been given so much old stuff lately, I couldn’t resist buying this amazing Edwardian leather jewelry box. It could just be a new obsession developing, but I’ve been eyeing a lot of old leather and wood boxes lately. Luckily, most of them are quite expensive, so I will not be starting up a collection of them any time soon…

antique jewelry box

It feels nice to finally have somewhere to store my antique jewelry.

antique jewelry box inside

I recently got these choker(?) charms that once belonged to my great great grandmother. After doing some research I’m not 100% sure these are actually made to be use on chokers, but I feel they are at least made to be used as some type of decoration on ribbons?

antique choker charms

antique choker charms back

My life has changed a lot in a year too. I went back to school and became a nurse assistant (I think that’s the title in English) and I now work in group homes for people with different types of disabilities, mostly downs syndrome and autism. I really like it, but would of course love to be able to also use my art degree in some way in the future. Combining the two fields would be pretty cool… We’ll see what happens, right now I’m just so happy to have my life somewhat in order for the first time EVER.

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