Tassel Trim Sweaters

yarn tassel trim diy

black white color block sweater tassel trim

This week I’m collaboration with online retailer boohoo.com who recently started to add DIY tutorials to their Youtube channel. So far they’ve made a fascinator, Halloween skeleton and a floral head band. Of course I couldn’t say no when they asked me if I wanted to make my own DIY customizing their items. They have A LOT of gorgeous stuff in the shop, and it was quite difficult to decide what I wanted to use in my tutorial.

However, when I saw these two sweaters I knew immediately that they’d be perfect to add tassel trims to. Tassels are totally the new pom poms in fashion! They’re going to be huge! ;)

boohoo sweaters

This waffle knit color block sweater would get tassel trims at the front and extending out on the sleeves.

color block sweater

The other one has already sold out, but here are some similar items. It reminds me a lot of Norwegian sweaters and I love it! I decided to add a small tassel trim around the neckline, not too noticeable, and it would blend in nicely with the rest of the design.

classic pattern winter sweater

The trim part is made up of a regular 3 stranded braid. I used a double strand for the color block sweater and went for a single strand around the collar of the second sweater.


I braided the trims very loosely, they need to be able to stretch a bit when attached to a stretchy knitted sweater.

braid 2

And this is how you make the tassels. Very simple. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you have any questions about this, leave them in the comments :)

tassel paper


wrap 2

wrap 3

wrap 4

slide off tassel

tie knot

spin 1

spin 2

spin 3

needle 1

needle 2

cut tassels

And, BAM!, you have a tassel!

tassels finished

It doesn’t really matter if you add the tassels or the trim first. The only thing you should have in mind when adding the trim is to sew very loosely. Like I said earlier, the trim needs to be stretchy.

sew on trim

Add the tassels underneath the trim.

add tassels 1

Tie them on the reverse side of the sweater.

add tassels 2

And that’s it!

tassel trim diy

Like I said, it was quite difficult to choose which items I wanted to remake from boohoo’s shop. Here are a few of my favorite things I came across during my search.

Kimono + Black + Floral Print

boohoo picks 1

Lace Tassel Kimono|| Floral Print Heart Bag|| Black Gothic Necklace || Chunky Heel Boots

Next week’s project is going to be all about a pink zipper I found and just had to make a skirt for. I find inspiration in the smallest things. I included something as unexpected as a children’s onesie below just because it had a pink zipper and a cool print that worked as a backdrop for the rest of the stuff.

Have you ever tried pairing different shades of pink? Done right it looks really cool.

Shades of Pink

shades of pink

Children’s Onsie || Skater Skirt || Fabric Trousers || Fluffy Jumper
Envelope Clutch || Jewel Gold Cuff

See you next week!


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