Take What You Have DIY Pillows

repurposed pillow cases diy

You know how it is, money’s running low, but creativity’s running high. Here are some of my pillows made from re-purposed material.

The chair fabric is from my first try at re-upholstering this chair and the lace curtain is a left-over piece from my diy mosquito lace screen.

diy pillows 1

This striped pillow is made from vintage fabric and yarn scrap tassels.

diy pillows 2

The white pillow is made from old jeans and the round one from an old dress. Bonus: The bedset pillow cases in the back are also DIY:ed from repurposed fabric!

diy pillows 3

And here are some cool re-purposed pillows I found on the interwebs

diy repurposed pillow cases

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DIY Sequin PillowMy Sister’s Suitcase || Burlap Heart Pillow with DoiliesVintage News Junkie

Btw, I have a hot tip for you. I’m not sure if batting/filling for pillows is expensive where you live, but here in my town in Sweden I have yet to find some at the crafts stores that will not make my wallet bleed. However, at IKEA’s as-is section there are very often sofa cushions (new ones, not some that have been out in the store) for sale. They are very cheap and have the best filling ever. You can make a lot of pillows from one cushion! Just awesome.

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