Suede Fringe Bag

suede fringe bag

Oh man, I’ve been so busy lately fangirling on The Avengers that I haven’t had the time to make anything new!

But fear not fellow diy’ers, I have a very easy tutorial for you today!

Summer is approaching and as it looks like the boho trend will get even stronger this season, what could be more perfect than a suede fringe bag on your shoulder? This tutorial will show you how to make your own. It requires almost no sewing and the finished product looks great!

What you will need:

  • Suede
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • 2 A4 paper sheets

I got my suede from a old jacket that my mom was about to throw away.

old jacket to cut up

I made the pattern by folding A4 papers sheets in half. I am going to go into details on how I did this at the end of the post. Because folding paper is hard.

paper pattern

I cut out the suede parts.

suede cut out

Pinned them together.


Punched holes around the edges with my hole puncher.

hole punch

The size of the holes depends on how thick you want your fringes to be. My fringes measured about 0.5 mm wide and 22 cm long. For that I found that the second smallest hole in the puncher worked well. You will have to figure this out yourself by trying out different hole sizes and fringes on some scrap suede.

I cut out the fringes without really measuring them, but they all ended up around 0.5 mm x 22 cm. There is no need for them to be perfect – The boho trend is all about being a little unique… Heh!


I added them around the bottom and the sides. I left out two holes at the top. That’s where the shoulder strap will go.

fringe loop

making the leather fringe

I continued to punch holes around the top flap.

top flap puncher

I didn’t want any fringe on the flap, I figured that would be a little too much of the good stuff, and decided to instead make a nice trim around the edge.


The suede cord is of course also from the jacket and has the same measurements as the fringe, except it’s longer. I put some super glue at both ends.

glue ends

The only thing left do was to make the shoulder strap. This is where I had to use my sewing machine. The suede I used is quite thin and stretches a bit if it’s pulled. To make a strap strong enough I had to use two layers of suede and run my machine over it a few times to make it sturdier. I will probably not carry heavy stuff in this bag so the strap should hold.

shoulder strap

I pulled the strap ends through the holes I left empty at the top and tied knots to secure them.

And the bag is complete!

bag complete


Now, I am going to show you how I made the pattern for this bag. First there are two things that you should know about me:

1. I am a dumb-ass. I must craft on a kindergarten-level.
2. I can’t do math so I can’t measure up patterns using numbers and shit either.


Take two A4 papers.

Fold the first one and tear it in half.

pattern bag 1

Take one of the pieces. Make little dog ears on one of the ends. This will be the shape of the front bottom of the bag. The front piece is now finished.

dog ear pattern

Take the other part of the A4 paper and repeat the above steps. This will be the bottom back side of the bag.

To make the over flap, divide the other A4 paper in half it like the first one. Attach one of the pieces to the back part. I used tape.

pattern 3 tape

Fold the flap over the front piece and decide how long you want it to be. Dog ear the flap.

pattern 4

And the pattern is done.

I hope that made some sense.

Alright. I will now go and mentally prepare for the epic brain-meltdown that is going to take place in the cinema tomorrow.


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