Stuff I Save and the Stuff I Make From the Stuff I Save

As you know by now, I like using things that I already have at home in my projects. Here are some tips on what to save the next time you de-clutter your closet.

If the clothes that I decide to get rid of are still in good shape I often save the fabric. I always save the fabric when it’s leather or suede.
Apart from all the projects I’ve shown you on this blog before using repurposed leather, I also made this pillow. It’ big and the front is made from scrap pieces of suede.

suede patchwork pillow leather

Old magazines are great to use if you want something cooler than paint to cover a surface. This is a vinyl record stand I actually made from scratch (!!!) and covered using the same technique that Ironspy on Tumblr used in making these shoes.
magazine covered vinyl record stand

It is scary that I have only been saving zippers for a few years, but have managed to get such a big collection of them. Zippers are not that cheap in Sweden and these are great to have on hand since I like making bags.
zippers saved

These satin bands are taken from sweaters and blouses. You know, the little bands that are sitting on each side of the neckline that are supposed to prevent the clothes to get mishapen when hanging on a hanger. I am going to make something with these one day. Haha, I am such a hoarder.
saved satin bands

My grandfather was a shoemaker. His shop closed in the late 60’s, but a lot of the hardware that he had in his store is still here. I will never have to buy a belt buckle in my life!
vintage belt buckles hardware

And buttons. I HAVE SO MANY BUTTONS! I will never be able to use up all of them. I believe this collection was started by my great grandmother. I clearly have hoarders in my family passing down the disorder through the generations…haha :D
buttons collection

Some of the buttons are really old and made of glass. Lovely!
vintage glass buttons

And then we have the buttons that are vintage and come in huge lots. I get the feeling someone bought these just because they were cheap and then never got around to actually use them.
green vintage buttons

The reason there is no new project this week is because I am working on something big and it involves these golden loop button. I will hopefully have something to show you next week.
gold loop buttons

See you soon!

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