Studded Shoes Remake

studded shoes remake diy
I’ve had these silver shoes in my closet forever. I initially bought them at a sale years ago. I thought they would work well if I one day decided to go to a masquerade as a 40’s Hollywood starlet. Yeah, uhm, I don’t think that day will ever come. Time for a re-make!

silver shoes

For this re-make I used:

  • Black velour fabric.
  • Silver and gold studs.
  • Glue/Varnish-mix. If you have Mod Podge, use that instead.
  • E6000 super glue.

studs and velour

I sandpapered the surface to make the fabric stick better. I then put on a even layer of my glue/varnish on the part I wanted to cover up first.

buffering sandpaper glue

I put on the velour and let it dry.

velour dry

I then finished the edges by cutting off the excess fabric. It’s a very good idea to use sharp scissors for this. I bought mine in Barcelona  for almost nothing and It’s awesome! (seriously, I go to Barcelona and decide to buy a fucking scissor?) I am taking it with me when the zombie apocalypse gets here.

cut off

I don’t recommend using velour for anything EVER. Dammit. Your entire home gets covered in velour dust! Just looking at the picture above makes me sneeze. It sticks in your nose and I had to clean everything (it was even on my plants!) after this DIY…

To give the edges a nice finish I put super glue underneath the edge and sort of tucked it in with a needle.

tuck it in

This took some time, but it was worth it. This is how the shoes look up-close:

edges finished

Not perfect (probably impossible to get it perfect), but not a complete mess either.

And here’s how they looked finished but without the studs.

finished shoes

I debated for quite a long time whether or not to add the studs, but then decided they would look cooler with the studded toes.

I attached the studs to separate fabric parts that I then glued on to the shoes.

studded toes part

Yup. That’s about it. Here are a few more shots of the finished shoes.

studded black ankle pump

studded pump toe detail


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