Starburst Mirror DIY

starburst mirror diy

Ah, cheap ass crafts. My favorite thing to spend my free time with!

For this thing I used a paper box, newspaper, hot glue gun, paper glue stick, knitting needle, an old mirror coaster, white acrylic paint, gold paint and some varnish.

starburst mirror diy 1

I cut out a shape I liked from the box.

starburst mirror diy 2

I decided to frame the mirror using another layer of the box around it.

starburst mirror diy 3

I glued on the mirror to the first layer and then added the second layer on top of it.

starburst mirror diy 4

After that I remembered that I would probably need some sort of hooks at the back if I wanted to be able to hang the mirror once finished. I punched a hole though the two layers using a large needle and added small steel wire hooks.

starburst mirror diy 5

For the starbursts I used rolled paper. Check out this tutorial to see how I made them (no angle in mine just straight strips of paper).

starburst mirror diy 6

I cut the paper rolls into different lengths and added them to the four sections around the mirror.

starburst mirror diy 7

I easily could have kept this unpainted, it looks pretty cool with the newspaper rolls visible, but I decided to stick with my plan and paint it gold.

starburst mirror diy 8

To really get the gold to pop out, I used white acylic paint for the first layer.

starburst mirror diy 9

And then added about three layers of gold paint.

starburst mirror diy 10

Not bad for an ice cream box, a free local newspaper, an old mirror coaster and some paint.

starburst mirror diy 11

starburst mirror diy 12

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