Spring Cleaning

It’s March and in my world (the world in my head) it is officially spring! It is still a bit cold outside, but I am choosing to ignore that.

Besides working on my big project (will tell you more about it later in this post) I spent my weekend de-cluttering and organizing everything that I own. I wish I could be super structured with my closet. Like, have 10 pairs of great socks instead of fifty semi-crappy pairs all with different amounts of holes in them. Ugh. That would save so much space.

I made a promise to myself not to buy anything new clothes-wise this spring. It is going quite well already since I have not bought anything new since early December last year!

I am going to DIY my entire spring wardrobe and I will of course share my work with you!

My first project will be to make this H&M coat into a jacket.

h&h trenchcoat remake diy

I don’t like it this long, I look like a stick figure in it and it is very uncomfortable at this length, it crunches up in a weird way when I sit down.
I am guessing this will be very easy to re-make – It has no lining!

no lining in coat

The second project is also a cut-off re-make. This is a dress, also from H&M, that I want to make into a blouse.

dress remake diy

And I have these two skirts. I am not much of a skirt person, and if I want to wear a skirt this spring I want it to be below the knee.

skirts to re-do remake

I have no idea what to to with the black one yet, but I think the grey will be turned into a new cover for this lampDIY Lampshade Cover.

And finally, the project I have been working on…


jacket diy
maroon wool jacket detail

I looks pretty boring in the photos but I think it is going to look nice once I finish it. It is supposed to be in a oversize style, and it is very hard to get that style right. There will not be any big tutorial on how I made the actual jacket, but you will get a neat DIY about a special technique to attach buttons!

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