Soda Can Embellishments

soda can embellishment leather bag diy

I made this bag (pretty much the same design, except the fringe, as this DIY bag from last year) but thought it looked boring and needed something to spice it up.

handmade no sew leather bag

no sew leather bag scrap leather

bag details

I decided to decorate it using a soda can. Yep, my mission to make pretty stuff out of trash just reached a new low. I can’t fully take credit for this idea though, I saw this video on Youtube a while back and was inspired to make something like it myself.

I used various tools to initially cut up the can. I used regular scissors to cut out the shapes from the metal. If you do this with scissors, make sure you use some that you’re not afraid to ruin as the metal will destroy the sharpness of the blade.

soda can craft supplies metalwork

soda can crafts

making shapes from soda can metal tin

cutting soda can shapes with scissor

I used my hole punch (that also got kinda ruined by the metal) to make holes evenly around the shapes.

cut hole with hole puncher soda can

I made a pattern in the metal with a ball point pen. If you get ink on the metal, you can clean it off using nail polish remover.

make impressions with ball point pen

I sewed on the embellishments onto the bag. Turned out really great!

sew on embellishments

soda can diy tutorial

soda can sew ons diy

I think soda cans work great as a substitute for metal sheets you can buy in the hardware store. The metal is easy to work with, the edges don’t get that sharp (I didn’t need to sand anything) and hey, it’s almost free!
I’m thinking you could easily make jewellery and other accessories for a Halloween costume using soda cans…


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