Soda Can and Paper Necklace

paper rolls necklace

I had a piece of the soda can left from when I did the soda can embellished bag in August. I found a good use for it in this statement necklace.

paper and soda can necklace supplies

Cut out triangle shapes from the soda can. Don’t use your best scissors for this, they will be ruined if you cut metal!

paper beads statement necklace diy tutorial

Punch holes on the sides of your cut out shapes and put them aside for a while.

punch holes in shapes

Get a newspaper or a commercial flyer, I found this one for dishwashers to be be perfect. It has a strong color, not too much text and the dishwashers are shown in a consistent pattern. That usually means you’ll get somewhat consistent looking paper beads.

paper beads

Cut out strips of paper. Put paper glue on the strips.

glue paper beads

Roll the strips tightly.

roll beads

When you’ve made a bunch of paper rolls, glue them to the soda can plates. I used E6000 glue for this.

glue on paper beads

glue on paper rolls to necklace

paper bead rolls art jewelry

Trim the excess paper rolls with a scissor (Save these little bits. If you haven’t done it already, you can use them to fill in the space around the holes at the sides)

trim paper rolls necklace

paper beads triangle necklace diy

I also added a coat of varnish to my paper rolls to make them water and stain proof.

varnish paper beads

Get some chain, jump rings and a clasp and assemble your new necklace!

supplies for paper rolls statement necklace

soda can paper necklace diy tutorial

soda can necklace close up detail


Soda Can and Paper Necklace — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Madeleine! Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your wonderful soda can & paper idea I made my own owl brooch! I blogged about it as well, so take a look if you want :)

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