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This is a filler post because I am in the process of preparing a few other DIY projects at the moment. I will also be swamped with work for the rest of the month, so updates will be few until the beginning of October.

Earlier this year I decided to stop using anything else but natural products on my skin, especially on my face. My skin has kinda sucked since I was 16 and it has always been very dry, but after I switched to an all natural skin care routine things have really started to get better.

I rarely use make up, but when I do I use virgin olive oil to remove it. If I haven’t done anything to get dirty over the day I sometimes only use water to clean my face and then go straight to the moisture.

I use a scrub about 3-4 times/ week. These are my best recipes for facial scrubs:

Baking soda + Honey. This one is awesome to fight the occasional break-outs that I get. I mix the baking soda with the honey, massage it into my skin and let it sit for a few minutes. You can almost see how clean the face gets after this! Amazing!

baking soda and sugar

honey and sugar face scrub

Sugar  +.Honey.While the baking soda scrub make my skin a bit dry, the sugar does the exact opposite! My skin gets super soft and I think I could even go without adding moisture after this one (but I don’t) because it really takes away the dryness. The sugar makes a pretty rough though scrub so this is probably not good to use too often.

On the days I don’t use the scrubs I use either some honey or baking soda dissolved in water to clean my skin.

For moisture I use organic coconut butter. I buy this at the health store and it’s a huge package that costs almost nothing! I sometimes (especially after the scrubs) also mix in some rose hip seed oil with the coconut butter. This mix is probably the best moisturiser I have EVER used. It’s completely natural and makes the skin super soft for several days!!!

rose hip seed oil moisturiser

Rose hip seed oil is not available in Sweden other than as an ingredient in some super expensive anti-aging creams, so I have to order it from the UK and wholesaler New Directions.

rose hip seed oil new directions uk

I only wish I knew all of this 10 years ago. I am more and more convinced that It was all those unnatural face soaps that I tried that made my skin look like crap for several years. And the moisturisers that actually had ALCOHOL in them! Ew! NEVER AGAIN.


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