New Candles from Old Wax Scraps

candle wax scrap candles

wax scrap candles diy tutorial

Making candles out of old candle wax scraps is so much fun, and the result is quite pleasing. I always seem to end up with greenish-brown candles (guess that’s what happens when you mix so many colors together) but that doesn’t really matter since it gives the candles a great home-made, natural, look.

They are also really easy to make, and not a lot of supplies are needed. You need candle scraps and some wick yarn. You also need some type of heat resistant mold to pour the wax in. I think silicone baking molds work the best. I used a silicone muffin mold and silicone cupcake molds (both c/o wholeport).

To melt my wax I use an old measuring cup. Wax has a tendency to be very difficult to wash off, so I use old stuff that I’m not afraid to ruin whenever I do this. Some type of sticks are also good to tie the wicks to.


To melt the wax I chop it up in smaller pieces and put it in the cup. I then put the cup in a cooking pot with some water. It’s best to use an old pot as well, the wax gets on that too for some reason. I set the heat on the stove to somewhere in the middle, it’s not necessary for it to be super hot (and some candle bits seem to melt at a lower heat than others).

melt candle wax on stove

Melting wax takes some time.

melting wax

So, while you wait, prepare the candle wicks. Measure how long the wicks need to be.


Tie a knot at one end.

tie knot at end

Tie the other end around the sticks. Make sure the wick can reach the bottom of the mold once attached to the stick.

tie knot on stick

By now the wax should have melted some, dip the knot in the melted wax.

dip knot in melted wax

Stick the wick into the mold and fixate it to the bottom with the wax dipped knot.

wax on knot sticks to cup

Wait until the wax has completely melted. Then, carefully pour it into the molds.

pour melted wax in cups

Let the wax dry.

wax in cups let dry

wax in cup

wax in cups

Once they’re dry the candles will be super easy to pop out from the molds.

candle diy wax scraps

They work too! :D
light candle


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