Scarab Bracelet

scarab bracelet

I bought this scarab bead at the National Museum in Edinburgh. I decided to make a bracelet out of it.

This is how I did it. I cut an old leather cord that used to be a necklace necklace into 3 strands.

I braided them and halfway down I put the scarab bead on the middle cord and wrapped the other two tightly on each side of the bead. I then continued to braid the remaining length of the cords.

braided leather cord drawing

And yeah, so apparently I can’t draw a braid. Wow, that is ugly. Sorry about that.

When I was done braiding I put some E6000 super glue on the ends. I let the glue dry for some hours.

I then took some head pins that I use when I make jewellery and wrapped them around the ends (some type of wire can probably be used too) and made loops. There is an easier way to do this using crimps, but I didn’t have any at home that was big enough.

scarab braid drawing two

I covered the silver wire with some black fabric (I wasn’t going to, but my wire wrapping SUCKED so I had to) that I glued on and added a closure. Not sure how I feel about the lobster clasp though. Might have to switch to a more open clasp to make it easier to put on.

bracelet finished

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