Rubber/Silicone Band Statement Necklace

rubber band necklace diy tutorial silicone horse bands

My most popular DIY is my rubber band necklace that I posted last summer. So, here is another necklace using the a similar material and technique!

I found silicone bands, like these, at a sporting goods store. They are supposed to be used to tie horse hair. As they are made from silicone they are durable and will not dry out like rubber bands would.
For this tutorial I also used an unsoldered silver plated chain and a lobster clasp for closure. A plier is also needed to open up the chain links.

silicone horse plaiting bands diy necklace

The silicone bands that I am using are a lot smaller that rubber bands, so it is difficult to use more than one band in each link. I attached the first band to a safety pin and started making the chain.

making necklace chains

I made six strands, about one meter (40 inches) each.

silicone rubber chain straps diy jewelry

I carefully braided them until the necklace reached my desirable length. It is definitely important to make the strands long – if they are too short it is quite difficult to add more loops after you have started braiding.

silicone necklace braided

rubber band necklace bold statement jewelr diy

silicone necklace detail

I attached a safety pin at the end of the chain to make it easier to entwine it in the braid. I guess you could braid it in with the silicone band chains, but I decided to add it afterwards.

curb chain for necklace

I replaced the safety pins with chains at the ends. I also added a clasp for closure.
add chain at the ends

I added two strands of chain within the braid. I attached the ends to the chain loops that I finished the band chains with.

entwining chain

added another chain

The necklace looks neat with knitted sweaters.

silicone rubber band chain braided statement necklace diy silver plated curb chain


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  6. I love this idea! I am obsessed with making bracelets and keychains with the rainbow loom but I have never tried something as daring as a necklace!