Remaking Pants

remaking pants diy

I thought this project would be finished in a couple of hours. I was wrong.

The plan was to slim down the legs on these pants and make them shorter. I’ve had them for at least five years but never figured out how to wear them. However, I really liked the material, so I decided it was time for a remake.

pants remake before

It all started well when I decided to use another pair of pants to measure how much I wanted to slim down the legs.

slimming leg pants1

shorten leg pants diy

After I sewed the new seams I put on the pants to admire my work. And that’s when my happiness turned into pure horror in a matter of seconds. The right leg’s seam was all wonky and the pant leg twisted. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t even take a picture of the mess.

You’ve probably seen twisted and wonky seams before on jeans and t-shirts. It’s irritating and every time it happens to me I get pissed off. I never expected these pants to have twisted seams (or it’s actually the fabric that is twisted by the manufacturer to be able to use as much fabric in one sheet as possible) they were not THAT cheap and they are made in a good quality wool fabric.

Anyway, I did manage to make things better (AFTER LIKE FIVE DAYS OF WORK) and now they look decent. BUT! When I was putting on the pants to take pictures for this post I noticed that the OTHER leg’s seam (marked in red) is also weird! We’ll see if I fix that leg too, but right now I think I can live with it.

weird seams

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