Refashion/Upcycle/Repurpose Exhibition – Cool DIY Ideas!

paper bubble wrap can dress

The local museum here in my town had a competition earlier this year where people could enter their best upcycle projects. The contest entries are now on display at the museum and there are some very cool stuff in there!

Here are some of my favorites!

Soda can decorated mirror. Now, making this thing could actually be a good reason to drink a lot of soda. This looks super-cool! And, uuh, sharp… Very sharp…
soda can mirror reprupose reuse upcycle exhibition västerås konstmuseum 2012

Pepsi Can chandelier.
pepsi lamp chandelier light repurpose refashion upcycle

More cans…
soft drink can lamp chandelier konstmuseum sweden art museum

And if you haven’t been hoarding cans maybe you have some old coins laying around. This one you could actually put up in a home AND get away with it. Looks very legit! I think the bottom part is an old bowl?
coin chandelier vasteras konstmuseum sweden 2012 repurpose diy upcycle exhibition

Kitchen towel dress, very cute! And looks so easy to do!
kitchen towel dress upcycle diy refashion

Laundry basket lamp and some pillows and rugs.
laundry basket lamp repurpose upcycle recycle

Button decorated detachable collar.
peter pan collar button diy detachable

Doily bag. I want to do something similar.
doily diy bag reprupose refashion västerås sweden konstmuseum

Even though I generally dislike refurbishments where antique furniture gets a makeover that take them light years away from their original look, I can’t help but love the color combo of this rococo-revival chair.
roco revival chair remake refurbished

Left-over pieces of fabric, scrap metal and beads create a very petty and decorative pattern on a simple tote bag. I think one strap is an old belt! I find this very inspiring and will definitely try something similar myself!
scrap bag


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