Rainbow Pom Pom Collar Necklace

collar pom pom necklace

I would like to call this “The Silent Protest Against Fifty Shades of Grey Collar Necklace”, because of the colour explosion, but that would insinuate that I have actually read parts of said piece of literature AND I SO HAVEN’T. NO WAY. Uhm, yeah, let’s move on.

I made this rainbow throw up of a necklace using yarn leftovers and black cotton fabric. The collar I made is based on a collar I removed from a dress, but there are a lot of good DIYs out there on how to make your own collar necklace from scratch. Here are some links to good tutorials that are easy to alter to fit your taste:

Statement Collar Necklace – The Style Outlier – The Style Outlier has some very easy to follow pattern instructions.

Peter Pan Collar Necklace Pattern – Love Maegan – If you don’t want to make the pattern yourself, you can print out Love Maegan’s pattern! Awesome!

collar necklace supplies needed

I made the pom poms exactly like the ones I did for that chiffon top some months ago. It’s basically just a string of yarn crumpled up at one end and then you sew a couple of stitches with the other end until you get a small pom pom/ball shape.

pom pom sewing

The only bad thing with this necklace is that it takes a veeeery loooong time to make. I probably used 200+ pom poms in my statement necklace, and you know, that’s insane. The good thing is that it looks super cool when it’s finished, so… maybe it’s worth all the work?

When I had a good amount of pom poms I started to attach them to the collar.

attaching pom poms

When all the pom poms were attached, I tied together the strings on the backside and then put some glue on the knots for extra security. I also sewed on a hook closure at the front.

backside glue

hook necklace closure

To the backside I also glued on a layer of fabric with some interfacing to stiffen the collar a bit.

backside of collar necklace

… And this is the finished piece.

finished rainbow statement necklace


Rainbow Pom Pom Collar Necklace — 34 Comments

  1. Hey, I just found your webpage and really love your creations. I really would like to tackle that necklace for this fall, and why not, make christmas gifts of it to some of my relatives. I was wondering about adding some cute sew-on rhinestones to that necklave to “glam” it up a little, what do you think?

    Anyway, great job and this definitely one of my fave blogs now.

    A plus!!!

    • Thank you! :) I am all for glamming things up, so I’d say go for it! You can never have to much glitter! :D

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    • Thanks! Checked out your collar diy – using a headband to get the right shape was super smart!

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  9. Wow, this is beautiful!! Wish I had the time to recreate it. Do you have any interest in selling it?

    • Well, I’m not using it… so… Maybe? :)
      I’m not 100% sure about the quality though, I think it may look better in the pictures that it does in real life… The collar is glued together, and that is something I’m not really that happy with.

      • well i seriously love the color and that it is hand made. i could sew it up a bit myself too, email me…i would at least pay more than the shipping charge if you would like it to go to a gracious home :) ltjgyrl@yahoo.com

  10. i m mouniya dahou from morocco
    i like you work the wedding of the colour is simply fabulous if you would see my work go to my page facebook Bijoux de milles et une nuit

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