Pompom Yarn Decorations

yarn miniature pom poms

I am currently in the process of making a new top. It’s in a sheer purple fabric and I decided to decorate it with a black pompom trim and little pompom’s that I made myself. I’m making the pompoms out of some old wool yarn. It’s taking a lot of time.

This is how I made them. One by one. For the last couple of days. While watching Monster movies like Swamp Thing, Basket Case and The Thing. TIME WELL SPENT!

I used yarn, scissors and a needle.


Take the yarn.

grab the yarn

Start rolling the end between your fingertips.

roll ends

Roll until you get a little ball.

Cut off yarn at appropriate length and attach needle at the the end.

cut off ends

Sew the ball a few times.

sew balls

You have successfully made a little yarn sperm! Aaaw!

yarn sperm

Attach spermpompomyarnball to whatever you want to decorate.

attach pom pom

Seriously, what the hell was I thinking when I started doing this?


This is insane. The hours I’ve wasted on this… Wow.

Ok, let’s ignore the insanity and look at my awesome ring instead:

pretty new ring

It’s from Beadycats on Etsy and it rules.


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