Polymer Clay Necklace: Neon, Copper and Chains

This idea came to me after watching the entire first season of Game of Thrones in one day. I am not sure if this TV-marathon actually did inspire me to make this necklace or why I choose to even bring it up in this post… Honestly, it only shows how much free time I have and that I like spending the entire day in my couch wearing my pj’s…

Polymer Clay Necklace

Necklace Backside

Anyway, the jewel stones are made with polymer clay. I shaped them somewhat before baking them in the oven, but used sand paper to sharpen the edges afterwards to get the baguette jewel shape.

The copper plate setting is cut from a copper plate that I bought at a hardware store. You can see my sketch of the necklace in the pictures and also the shape of the setting that I cut out from the copper plate in the photo above.

The chains are from an old broken necklace. I like the result and will call this style Neon – Medieval. Hah.


Polymer Clay Necklace: Neon, Copper and Chains — 9 Comments

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