Polymer Clay Daisy Necklace

flower necklace in polymer clay

I want spring. NOW. So I made a very springy flower necklace.

daisy necklace

This polymer clay necklace is quite easy to make and very little supplies are needed. You will need some polymer clay, I used fimo soft and mixed raspberry and white to get the shade I wanted for the flower and sunflower yellow for the pistil. You will also need a glass marble or a glass bead. The size of the marble depends on how big you want the flower to be (I made a big one because it was easier to take tutorial photos of). You will also need a chain, a lock, some jump rings, a thick needle and a match. Pliers are handy when assembling the necklace.

polymer clay necklace supplies

Mix colors and make 6 even little balls.

polymer clay balls

Shape the clay balls into little cones.

clay cones

Roll out the cones using the marble.

use glass marble as roller

You’ll get something that looks like this. These will be the flower petals.

clay flower petals

Put together the petals and make a flower.

make a flower out of the petals

Take the tips of the petals and gently push in the ends to give the flower some more definition. As you can see in the photo I also flatten out the centre of the flower.

push in the ends of the petals

Make the yellow pistil.

yellow clay for daisy pistil

Use the match to give the pistil some texture.

texture pistil with match

Punch holes in two of the petals with a needle.

holes in upper petal for chain

Bake the flower according to the instructions on your clay’s package.

When my flower was done I decided to sandpaper the surface a little using a nail file. Sometimes when you do stuff in clay you get dust particles stuck in it and I find sanding after baking takes most of it away.



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