Peach Chiffon and Black Lace Top

chiffon top diy

So uhm, this top was hard to get a good photo of. I take these outfit shots on the balcony using the timer, so it’s really weird to hurry up and pose for the camera and at the same time make the clothes look decent. This top did not cooperate at all and it was hot outside. I just bought a tripod so hopefully I will be able to actually get out of the house and take some full outfit photos soon. Just need to find a place where there are no people, because taking your own outfit photos among others is awkward.

Anyway for this top I used some old chiffon I had and a pretty lace from Hot tip: pre wash the lace if it’s in another color than the rest of the project, cotton laces have a tendency to color bleed.


I used this pattern. Very simple design that can easily be modified.

Pattern top

Isn’t it funny how sewing projects tend to look like crap when they are halfway done? I call this one the “medieval nightshirt found in archaeological excavation”-blouse.

shirt chiffon wip

Instead of making a drawstring neckline I decided to gather the collar, sew it in place and hide the stitches using the lace. Pins and pin cushion also c/o Wholeport.

blck lace pin cushion

I have no idea how to make sleeve cuffs, so I was just freestylin these. They look sort of legit though.

sleeve cuffs 1

sleeve cuff 2

sleeve cuff diy sewing

I decided to hand sew the buttonholes with black thread. I like how it turned out.

hand sewing button holes

I added some black sequins to the sleeves.
black sequins

I like how the top looks dressy, but still manages to be comfy. It has a very loose and airy fit.

peach blouse chiffon black lace diy clothes sewing

top diy

I am getting ready to go on vacation, so in the next couple weeks there will be no updates, BUT! Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to. I will be back at the end of August with some new DIYs. I have a lot of new ideas for fall, so get ready!

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