Paper Mache Beads – Homemade Beads DIY Tutorial

Paper Mache Beads Tutorial

This is probably the cheapest craft ever.

What you’ll need to make your own paper jewelry:

  • Newspaper, get some of those free ones for extra cheapness.
  • Bowl.
  • Water.
  • Craft paint or whatever type of paint you have at home. As long as it sticks on paper, it’s cool! (Probably shouldn’t use water colour though..?)
  • Varnish, if you want to make your beads extra shiny.
  • Drill. If you have one. Otherwise, punch a hole in the beads while they’re wet with a thin knitting needle and leave them to dry on it. I’ve used toothpicks for this before, but I find that knitting needles are easier to get out once the beads are dry.
  • Nail files for buffering and smoothing out surfaces of the dried beads. This step is not needed but will give the beads a very nice and even finish.

paper beads tutorial step 1

Tear up the newspaper in small pieces and put it in a bowl of water.

Either wait a day or two for the paper to dissolve or blend with a mixer. Some people like to use boiling water to dissolve the paper and then add glue to the mass, but I think my technique works just as well. I’ve never had any problem with beads not holding together because I left out the glue. Check out the links at the end of this post for two very good tutorials that uses glue and boiling water.


WARNING: If you use the blender for food, you are going to need to thoroughly clean it afterwards and IT WILL GET DISCOLOURED!!!

paper mass

When the paper mass looks something like this it’s ready to shape into beads.

shaping beads

Shape the paper goo into beads. Squeeze out as much water as possible while shaping.

paper mass beads tutorial

Put them on a newspaper and let them dry for a few days.

paper mache diy

Use sand paper or nail files to smoothen the surface of the beads.

Drill holes, paint and varnish.

paper jewelry


Here are some other great tutorials on how to make homemade beads:

Paper+Boiling water+Mod Podge= Very pretty earrings at Infarrantly Creative.

Paper+Boiling water+Glue = Awesome looking necklace at A Storybook Life.

Good luck!

Polymer Clay Necklace: Neon, Copper and Chains

This idea came to me after watching the entire first season of Game of Thrones in one day. I am not sure if this TV-marathon actually did inspire me to make this necklace or why I choose to even bring it up in this post… Honestly, it only shows how much free time I have and that I like spending the entire day in my couch wearing my pj’s…

Polymer Clay Necklace

Necklace Backside

Anyway, the jewel stones are made with polymer clay. I shaped them somewhat before baking them in the oven, but used sand paper to sharpen the edges afterwards to get the baguette jewel shape.

The copper plate setting is cut from a copper plate that I bought at a hardware store. You can see my sketch of the necklace in the pictures and also the shape of the setting that I cut out from the copper plate in the photo above.

The chains are from an old broken necklace. I like the result and will call this style Neon – Medieval. Hah.

The Worst DIY Anti-Climax in History

One of the very first non-animated movies I remember watching as a kid was Pretty in Pink. I believe this movie triggered me to start DIYing. Unfortunately, it also teached me another lesson; Not all DIY projects will turn out good. In this case, it turned out horrific. I mean, even for the mid 80’s it must have been seen as fucking awful. When I watched it for the first time in the early 90’s people were wearing schrunchies, shiny flower patterned bike shorts and fanny packs like it was a perfectly normal thing to do – and I remember feeling dead inside when I saw it.

I am of course talking about the piece of crap sack dress Andie makes for the prom. Not only does she make an ugly dress, no, she also destroys a perfectly fine dress in the process!

During the course of the movie we get to see some awesome outfits worn by Andie. She talks about second hand shoe finds, how she’s made entire outfits all by herself and she hangs out in hip night clubs with her equally hip friends. We get the impression she’s one cool cat. The only exception is the granny dress she chooses to wear for her first date with that rich guy, but even that is over-shadowed by the prom dress from hell.

Andie initially gets the (soon to be unrecognizable) dress from her friend Iona. It’s very pretty and Iona seems very sentimental about it. She trusts Andie to take good care of it.

Then follows a video montage of the re-construction of the dress that leads us to believe that surely something absolutely amazing will come out of this!

Brainstorming for ideas. I like the outside the box-thinking in the bottom right frame.

That’s a nice vase you just drew.

Oh, wait, is that a sketch for the dress? Well, I guess the final product will look much better…

Deconstruction Initiated!

Ok… Maybe you should ease up a little on the cutting and tearing…


Stop it. I can hear the fabric break through the movie stills.

Ok, Last one.

Good. Finally getting the pieces together, about time! Can’t wait for the final result!!!


And then…




What the hell did you do with Iona’s beloved dress??!! Woman, ARE YOU INSANE?! What are you smiling about?! I want to die.

Pretty in Pink Prom Scene

I get it that the dress is supposed to be edgy and avant garde or whatever, but that shapeless form makes the otherwise super-pretty Molly Ringwald look like a sad pink banana.

Watching the end scenes also makes me wonder if the title of the movie Pretty in PINK is supposed to refer to this monstrosity. If that’s the case… Well… My god…


Crocheted Collar T-shirt Upgrade

This is something I made out of an old tight fitting t-shirt and a crocheted lace-thing from my grandmother.

I think it turned out really cool! And it is a very easy way to liven up an old t-shirt.

Of course it totally went by me that the lace would make the collar pretty stiff and my big fat head unable to fit trough the opening. So, I had to cut it up in the back and close it up with a button.

But it’s OK. It looks like its supposed to be like that and it added some extra sassiness to the whole thing…