How to make Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes

I recently made my own glitter shoes after finding some awesome tutorials online;

The Dainty Squid

The Dainty Squid – This tutorial uses glitter mixed in with mod podge. Also nail polish to color the side soles black. Very cool!

Honestly WTF

Honestly WTF – Super-bling with gold glitter and rhinestones. Inspired by Miu Miu sneakers.

Rookie Mag

Rookie Mag – Glitter is such a simple way to liven up a pair of shoes. Rookie Mag shows how to do it.

We Are Not Martha

We Are Not Martha – This is the tutorial that I first discovered. Very detailed with good photos.

Glitter Shoes Thread on Craftster

Craftster Thread – The craftster thread for Glitter Shoes! :)

Burda Style Blog

Burda Style Blog – This is a more high fashion take on glitter shoes. This tutorial is on how to glitter certain parts of the shoe. In this case the heels.

However, since I live in a complete backwater-country when it comes to craft supplies, I couldn’t get my paws on any Mod Podge and I had to buy glitter on Ebay.

When I got the glitter I realised it wouldn’t be enough to cover a pair of shoes, so I had to solve the issue MacGyver-style – I cut up some old tinsel from the Christmas tree and mixed it in with the glitter powder. Seriously, if there was a Nobel Prize in finding craft resources I would be shaking the hand of the King of Sweden next year.

As a substitute for Mod Podge I bought regular decopauge Glue/Varnish. It worked just fine. To make the glitter surface waterproof I smeared out a layer of E6000 on top of it all. That worked pretty well too.

I also colored the blue ribbon around the edges and the bow with fabric paint.

Ballerina flats before

Ballerina Shoes After

How to dye shoes at home with textile paint

red brogues

I’ve had these fugly red brogues in my closet for years. I got them for free in a buy 1 get 2 deal years ago. I never had time to reflect on my choice for the second pair and remember just grabbing the first pair I saw thinking that I could re-paint them when I got home. I never got around doing it until now.

The material is some type of faux leather. I decided to not use paint specially made for shoes, but instead use regular screen print fabric paint. I have used shoe paint before and have never felt that excited about the result. The fabric paint did not let me down and when it dries there will be no cracks as it will still be a bit rubbery and can even be stretched a little. Ideal for shoes! The textile paint I used sets with heat, but I solved that problem by breaking out my hair dryer.


I began the project using sand paper on the shoes.

water paint

After that I had a stroke of genius. What if I decided to mix the paint with water for the first layers of paint? If I soaked the surface with water+paint, wouldn’t that mean that the paint would sink in too?

painting first layer

I think it worked! The sponge brush I use in this photo is homemade. I used half of a kitchen sponge and taped it onto the end of a paint brush. Very useful!

dry paint with hairdryer

After doing the first couple of layers like this, and after every layer heat up the surface with the hair dryer, I added only paint to the last couple of layers (With a “couple ” I mean five or six) and heated each of them with the hair dryer.

coloring shoe laces

I also colored the shoe laces with the same textile paint. I added some of the paint in a plastic glass that I use for crafts, put in the laces and stirred with a paint brush.

shoe laces

However, the plastic ends on the laces did not take the paint at all. I solved that temporarily by wrapping a layer of black tape around them.

final result

This is the result. I think I missed a spot!

Style Tips – Fashion on a Budget

Have you ever wondered how you could save some money and still look fabolous? Here are some of my best tips:

  • Buy quality (highest price doesn’t always indicate good quality…) basic clothes like plain coloured tops and jeans with a cut that suits you and you feel comfortable in. These are the items you are more likely to wear often and they will not go out of style anytime soon. Basic looking clothes will be easier to mix and match with each other and can easily be updated by adding something new each season. Sometimes something as simple as a bold necklace can make a basic outfit look interesting.

Combine Basic with Bold
Black Crop Jeans, Vero Moda, via, Cream Lace Hem Top by and Red Turquoise Statement Necklace by Wildflowers And Grace on Etsy.

  • Never shop anything on pure impulse. Chances are that you will not have anything at home that goes well with that neon green ruffle top. This means you are going to have to buy something to combine it with… and things will just spiral down from there until you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear…. If you decide you want that top anyway, mentally go though your wardrobe at home to see if you have anything that would work with it. Then decide if it’s worth purchasing or not.
  • Shop at sales – But be smart about it. Don’t go crazy and loose your common sense just because things are cheap. Use sales to buy those high quality basic clothes. You could also put up a budget for yourself before going to the store. Maybe just bring cash, that way you will not spend more money than the budget you allowed yourself.
    Another tip for sales is to shop for winter necessities (if available) during the summer sale and vice versa. Two summer’s ago I got a new pair of leather winter boots almost 90% off at a sale!

winter boots at summer sale

  • Never go for the latest trends when clothes shopping. Instead, find your own unique style and only buy things you really want and styles that suit you.
  • Shop Vintage. I am not myself a huge fan of vintage, but this is mostly because of the lack of good stores where I live. They consist of 99% crap and I don’t have the patience to wade though that much to find one pretty piece. Where I live vintage is also overpriced, and that can discourage even the most enthusiastic second hand shopper. However, something that I do shop vintage is jewellery. You can easily clean it (carefully) and older costume jewellery will have a better quality than the new faux jewellery you can find in chain stores today.

Vintage Jewelry

  • Remake the clothes you already have. Look for easy-to-follow tutorials online. And if you really want to get into this: Buy clothes that you think could be easy to re-construct once you get tired of them. Examples of easy remake projects include cutting off dresses and turn them into cute tops and skirts. I will write more on this subject soon.
  • Find your most loved pieces at unexpected places. Men’s fashion stores, grocery stores… As an example; cheap simple white t-shirts can often be found at other places than fashion stores. Re-construct them or maybe you could make your own prints using textile colours?
  • Take good care of the stuff you already have. That means, among a lot of other things; Treat your leather shoes to some shoe cream or polish regularly and don’t use softener when washing your jeans…