Glitter Heart Necklace – Upcycle DIY

heart necklace

For this glitter heart necklace I used a decoration heart that once came with a flower bouquet, glitter powder, varnish/glue, sandpaper and a gold chain.

supplies i used
varnish glue
This is the same glue that I used for my glitter shoes.

I used sandpaper to buff the surface of the heart.

heart sanding

I used this heart as a pendant years ago. Back then I removed the stick it used to be on, closed up the hole in the bottom with wood putty and red paint and added an eye hook at the top. I got tired of it though and today I decided to give it new life with some purple glitter!

First layer of glitter and varnish/glue.
first layer of glitter

Some layers later…

another layer

I sealed the last layer with a coat of varnish/glue only.

And it’s done!
heart done

Only problem is – Now I feel like putting glitter on everything!

Pink Plastic Bracelet

pink plastic bracelets with gold studs

Plastic case

What do you do when you find an old plastic case that used to hold a curling iron back in the 80’s ? Do you throw it away? NOT IN MY HOUSE!

In my house you use your god damned resources and make yourself some studded bracelets!

From the case I got:

  • One neon pink zipper for future projects.
  • Translucent plastic that I am not sure what to do with yet.
  • The neon pink plastic fabric that I used for the bracelets.


Here’s how I made them:

I used hair pins to hold the fabric when I sewed it together.
hair pins sewing Regular needle pins would have left ugly marks on the fabric.

After that I added the studs.
adding studs

Here’s how it looks on the backside;
backside Really simple!

For closure I decided to use some old buttons that I had laying around.
buttons for closure

finished cuffs open

Studs from Beach Heya on

Chain Necklace – DIY Using Scrap Chains

Chain Necklace DIY

If you are a jewellery crafter like me you will probably, at some point, find yourself with lots of short chain pieces that you can do absolutely nothing with. “Absolutely nothing” of course means “Absolutely everything” I my world.

Here is what you will need to make your own scrap chain necklace:

  • Small chain parts. Lots of them, and of different types and hues:

chain parts

Where the hell did I get all of these chain parts??!! Crazy!

  • A longer chain that you will use as a base for your necklace and put the smaller chains on:

base chain
Tip: If you don’t have a chain that is long enough, you can also put together a long base chain using several short chains.

  • Jump rings. You will need these to connect the small chain parts to your base:

jump rings

Start attaching the scrap chain to the base. I find the easiest way to do this is by starting off with the longest chains and save the shortest for last.

Entwine the first chain with the base. Attach the ends with jump rings.

entwining chain

Continue on with the second layer. Repeat. And then repeat some more.

It takes some time and patience, but after a few more layers your necklace will look something like this:

chain layers

Add more chains to get it even thicker…

And soon you will get this:
close up

When you reach a point where you could never detangle the mess you have just created, the necklace is finished!

Long chain necklace

I made the longer necklace using the same technique. The difference between the two versions is that the longer was made with less chain and they were also attached more loosely to the base.

Long necklace

This gives the necklace a more distressed look.

Thread Bangles DIY

DIY Thread Bangles

The craft that I am about to show you is not for the weak and impatient DIY-ers out there. I’m all for throwing something together in 10 minutes, but sometimes I feel obligated to dedicate an entire afternoon making thread bangles.

Threads and Platic Bangle

What you’ll need:

  • Bangles. I’d say wood bangles would be best as it can be tricky to make the thread stick with glue on the plastic ones that I used.
  • Some type of craft glue. I used a regular paper glue-stick and it actually worked very well!
  • Thread. I used old embroidery thread from my grandmother. They were so old and brittle you couldn’t use them for sewing anymore…
  • Varnish. A coat of varnish on the inside of the bangle after you’re done wrapping the thread will prevent it to fall apart and also to protect it from moisture if you have sweaty wrists…Hah.

Put on some glue on both sides of the bangle and start wrapping! Make sure the threads are in an even row. This is where you could easily break down mentally.

Thread bangle instructions 1

Each row is not thicker than the thread you’re using, so it will take some time to get it wrapped around the entire bangle.

thread bangle instructions 2

The result however, is pretty fantastic. You just need a lot of patience. I made one blue/green and then another one in orange/yellow/red hues.