My Weird DIY Headboard Adventure

I feel like I sometimes make things look easier than they actually are on this blog. To write a good tutorial, you can’t really include all the failures, headaches and general suckiness that sometimes come with projects. I have probably at least 10 DIY’s that never made it onto the blog. I particularly remember a paper basket I tried to make last year. I regret not getting any photos of it before I trashed it. It was such a disaster, like, hilariously bad.

This week I thought I would show you one of those not so cool projects I made. It looks OK now when it’s finished, but the process of making it was awkward as hell.

It all started with me redecorating my bedroom and discovering that the wall behind my bed was getting really cold in the winter. I’ve seen a lot of headboard DIY’s before, and decided that I wanted to make my own. I didn’t follow any tutorial, I decided to just make things up as I go.

First I made a frame using scrap pieces of wood. It went surprisingly well.

headboard diy tutorial

In IKEA’s sale section I found two lounge chair cushions (they cost almost nothing) that I decided to use. All good so far.

lounge chair cushion to headboard ikea find

headboard foam diy

Cutting out the foam to fit the frame was easy. Yeah this was going to be awesome!

foam headboard frame

Wait. How the hell am I supposed to get the foam to stay in the frame…? Uhm. Can I use these strips of fabric I took from the cushion cover?

fabric strips

Yeah. This works I guess.

fasten foam 1

WTF. I can’t show this on the blog, can I?! Ok, just keep going, maybe things will get better.

fasten foam 2

Shit, I need to have an outer shell of foam on this. Is it possible to sew together the remaining pieces of foam to create it?

foam outer cover

headboard foam cushion

Apparently it works. (At least it hasn’t fallen apart yet)

sew foam

I then covered it all with the rest of the fabric from the cushions. At this point I probably should have used my staple gun, but I couldn’t find it, so I improvised with more fabric strips.

more strips

fabric cover 1

fabric cover 2

Luckily I managed to make this monstrosity look decent when I made a cover for it using upholstery fabric. My plan was to make it into some sort of professional looking slipcover, but I got lazy and sewed it on.

But It almost looks good, right? (despite the extremely crappy photo) Adding some throw pillows to the bed hides it pretty well.

headboard diy

I definitely works, it keeps the cold away.

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