More Photos from the Azores

azorian pineapple

During our trip we got the chance to visit a pineapple plantation.Did you know that It takes 2.5 years for a pineapple to grow? They grow in three stages and have to be moved around to different greenhouses for each stage. Can’t believe how much work goes into growing them!

pineapple plantation azores

I didn’t buy any pineapples (my bag was heavy enough already) but couldn’t resist getting my paws on these pineapple scented soaps that are made at the plantation. I’m keeping these in my drawers, they make my clothes smell amazing :D

pineapple soap from azores sao miguel souvenir

Some photos from the town of Riberia Grande on the northern coast of the island of Sao Miguel.

house riberia grande

riberia grande azores

riberia grande sao miguel island

We also visited the tea plantations. Very cool to see how tea is made.

cha gorreana tea factory azores sao miguel

tea plantation on the hills above gorreana

tea factory plantation azores cha gorreana

On the west coast is the village of Mosteiros. It has a beautiful black sand beach and rugged volcanic rock cliffs along the coast.

lava rock formation moseiros sao migeul azores

I found some interesting things at the beach. The beach glass will be made into a tea light lantern later in the fall.

beach glass pottery lava rock

Nature shifts from tropical jungle (much due to the hot springs) to tundra-like surroundings up in the mountains. Actually, nature shifts so much that it’s almost hard to take in everything.

azores jungle fire lake

furnas hot springs azores

hot springs azores furnas

roads azores

rental car top of mountain

azores mountain pico

Lagoa do Fogo, the fire lake, is a crater lake on Sao Miguel.

fire lake lagoa do fogo

Views from the many rest stops along the coastal roads.

atlantic coast northern sao miguel azores

village on sao miguel azores


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