Mission Impossible

seated chusion construction

I will post a fashion tutorial later this week, but thought I could do a little post on something I’ve been working on today.

sadelgjord konstruktion

I got this wonderful late 19th century chair from my aunt a few weeks ago. It’s just a frame, and I want to add a proper cushioned seat to it. All the parts are ready, but now I need some nails.

Yeah, that should be really easy to get, huh? NOT IF YOU LIVE IN SOVIET RUSSIA SWEDEN. Like, what the hell, I’ve been searching for the perfect nail in every godamm store in this town and I will probably have to branch out my search to the bushes If I ever want to find some nails that will work – And It’s not even likely that any store out there will have it… Am I going to have to make them myself?!

This is not the first time something like this happens. Last year I wanted to make a cool wall decoration from brass and copper plates, but I couldn’t find any brass or copper plates anywhere! Same thing with simple craft glitter, NOTHING! Had to order it on Ebay all the way from China.

Swedish stores – You are making my craft addiction very hard to maintain *cries*

Anyway, I will post a step-by-step guide on how I made the seat once I find the nails, I feel that the internet is seriously lacking a clear tutorial on this. It’s not going to be 100% historically accurate, but I think (think) it will work!

P.S NEVER google “Nails head”. What has been seen cannot be unseen. :C

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